We acknowledge our responsibility

Our Code of Conduct

We are committed to our social and ecological responsibility in all areas of our corporate activities. This concerns the actual business activity, the relationship with our employees, the design of workplace conditions, the relationship with our business partners and suppliers, the observance of human rights, as well as a responsible approach to our environment.

1. Social responsibility

a. Fair competition
When competing with other market participants, we observe the rules of fairness and in particular avoid any misleading, disparaging of competitors and other unfair actions.

b. Recognition of the legal framework
We observe all legal norms in Germany, in the European Union and in all countries in which we do business.

c. Compliance with labor and social standards
We are committed to the labor and social standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and ensure that they are observed. We pay particular attention to safety at work and the strict avoidance of child labor in our suppliers’ factories and foreign production sites.

d. Product conformity and product safety
With the products we sell, we ensure compliance with all applicable rules of product conformity and product safety, so that they do not pose a health risk.

e. Sustainability and responsibility towards the environment
We are committed to protecting our environment and to the minimal use and consumption of natural resources. Our goal is to continuously reduce the CO2 emissions associated with our business and to achieve climate neutrality in the long term.

2. Responsibility towards our employees

a. Equal opportunities and equal treatment
In relation to our employees, we observe the principle of equal treatment and equal opportunities. We want to treat all employees with equal respect, partnership and tolerance, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

b. Dealing with discrimination
We do not tolerate sexism, racism, or any other form of discriminatory behaviour, including in particular sexual harassment, bullying or the abuse of power.

c. Selection and recruitment of our employees
Our employees are selected and hired solely based on their qualifications, skills and experience.

d. Working time
We strictly adhere to the applicable working time regulations and monitor compliance with them.

e. Safety regulations and health protection
The safety and health of our employees are very important to us. We observe all applicable regulations on occupational safety and preventive health protection. Our occupational safety specialist, our occupational safety committee, our HR department and the respective supervisors cooperate closely with the occupational safety and health administration and the occupational safety authority.

f. Training of our staff
We offer apprenticeships in different business areas as well as bachelor studies to young adults with the aim of offering everyone a job after having finished the training or the degree. We support the professional development and corporate learning of our employees in accordance with other business requirements by granting time off or financial support. In addition, we offer special advanced trainings in selected topics on a regular basis and, in individual cases also support employees individually through professional training courses.

3. Responsibility towards business partners and suppliers

a. Procurement and selection of suppliers and services
When choosing suppliers and services, we are guided exclusively by objective criteria. Personal relationships with suppliers or service providers, in particular, must not have any influence on our selection and decision.

b. Intellectual property protection
We respect the intellectual property of our customers, suppliers and business partners and protect it from unauthorized access if it has been entrusted to us.

c. Import and export of goods and services
When importing and exporting goods and services, we observe all applicable regulations, both in the country of dispatch as well as in the recipient country.

d. Gifts, hospitality and invitations
Gifts and invitations are part of the business culture. However, we only make presents or invite business partners if it serves a legitimate business purpose, if there is no private connection, no counter performance is involved and the value of the gift or invitation is within the customary business limits. Furthermore, any rules applicable in the respective country must be observed.

e. Corruption and bribery
We reject any form of corruption and bribery. We do not make payments or valuable gifts, nor do we offer, promise or accept them. We communicate this attitude to our business partners and avoid even the appearance that we might condone such behavior.

f. Conflicts of interest
When selecting business partners we exclude those potential business partners who employ persons with whom a close personal relationship exists or existed, in order to avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of one.

g. Proper accounting
Our accounting records reflect all business transactions of the company in a clear, complete and orderly manner. On the basis of these accounts, the annual financial statements are prepared following the same principles. We disclose our financial statements in accordance with the applicable regulations.

h. Taxes and customs
All tax returns and customs declarations are submitted in accordance with the actual business transactions that have taken place and in compliance with foreign trade, tax and customs legislation, and the specified taxes and customs duties are paid to the relevant authorities.

4. Responsibility towards the company

a. Protection of business secrets
All information concerning our business, including information about our customers, our suppliers and service providers, and about our products is sensitive data that must be protected from unauthorized internal or external persons.

b. IT safety
We comply with all IT security rules and exercise particular care and vigilance in the use of our IT systems to protect our IT systems from unauthorized access.

c. Handling of company’s assets
We respect all tangible and intangible assets of the company, use them economically, do not use them for non-business purposes and protect them from unauthorized access.