Over the past 25 years, the stamp album manufacturer Leuchtturm Albenverlag has grown into a multi-brand enterprise - the Leuchtturm Gruppe

During this time, we have become younger, progressively innovative, bolder and more creative. We have remained true to our deepest conviction: we are still a family-owned company. Our belief in the power of community has brought us together, as we strive unanimously to find the best solution and celebrate the joy of our shared successes.

In recent years, and with the accelerated pace of change in the company, we have asked ourselves: What is it that drives us forward? What makes Leuchtturm special? What designates the inner core of our group, the red thread that holds everything together and serves as a guide for our large team?

We spoke with our employees, had interviews conducted and asked business partners. We met with experts and consultants. But above all, we have given these questions a great deal of thought ourselves, discussed them and did our utmost to find answers.

What we discovered, is that it's always the real things that interest and inspire us. Because we are firmly convinced that despite digitisation - which makes many things easier and more efficient - the world we live in is a real world. We live in real houses, drink real coffee in the morning and surround ourselves with many real things that make our lives more convenient, aesthetically pleasing or more interesting.

We believe in the beauty of these real things, we believe in the beauty of the real things!

This is how we observe the wishes and suggestions of our customers, find individual solutions for them and deliver what they expect from us. We do this with great passion, endurance and attention to detail.

For us, the beauty of the real things is for us the summary of everything we work for, what inspires and motivates us and what we stand for.

Axel and Max Stürken

Global Player
from Geesthacht


Geesthacht, Germany

Headquarters in the Hamburg metropolitan region

Hamburg, Germany

Office location Fischmarkt

Vimperk, Czech Republic

Production site

Körmend, Hungary

Production site

Örebro, Sweden

Sales company Scandinavia

Sahline, Tunisia

Leather manufactory

Dorval, Québec, Canada

Distributor Canada

Fairfield, New Jersey, USA

Distributor USA

Guangzhou, China

Production site

Shanghai, China

Distributor China

For over
100 years


The KABE publishing house is founded by Paul Koch in Aschersleben. The company produced the KABE stamp albums, which are still published today.


Following the war, Paul Koch reestablishes the business in Hamburg.


Relocation to Geesthacht near Hamburg,
the company headquarters to this day.


The Hamburg businessman Wolfgang Schön joins the Leuchtturm Albenverlag as Managing Partner. Comprehensive reorganization of the company begins.


Kurt Stürken joins the company and in the following years, builds up the export business together with Wolfgang Schön.


The subsidiary Lighthouse Publications, Inc. is founded in New York, USA


Relocation to the current headquarters - Am Spakenberg in Geesthacht


Kurt Stürken becomes a shareholder and partner of Wolfgang Schön.

The subsidiary Lighthouse Publications (Canada) is founded in Montreal, Canada.


Waltraud Bethge founds her company Bethge in Hamburg- Eppendorf with a retail shop and a print studio behind it in the courtyard building.


Günther Dezlhofer founds Semikolon and develops the first collection with solid-coloured linen book covers in his studio on Lake Starnberg


Acquisition of the KABE publishing house and fusion of Paul Koch´s
two album publishing companies.

Kurt Stürken's son Axel is appointed Managing Partner.


The subsidiary Torquato mail order house is founded.


When the euro currency is introduced, Leuchtturm is the first supplier to market a euro collector’s album and sells 500,000 units in the first year alone.

New construction of a production hall and high-bay warehouse at Spakenberg


Kurt Stürken's son Max is appointed managing partner


Philip Döbler joins the company and builds up the Leuchtturm1917 stationery brand.

Kurt Stürken's youngest son Moritz joins the company and continues to expand the Torquato brand and business. In 2010, he joins the Board of Directors and becomes shareholder of Torquato.


Expansion of the high-bay warehouse to a total of 8,000 pallete bays and new construction of the canteen.


The subsidiary Leuchtturm Hungary is founded, which has by then become the site where all
stockbook stamp albums are produced.


Acquisition of a factory in South China, where the Leuchtturm coin albums are now produced.

Philip Döbler is appointed Managing director.


Acquisition of the stationery brand Semikolon, with a bookbinding factory in the Czech Republic.


Acquisition of the stationery brand
Treuleben & Bischof.

Trademark application for the
brand Legendär


Acquisition of Bethge, “the” institution in Hamburg for premium leather and stationery goods of sophisticated design.

Launch of the Treuleben brand.

Opening of an additional warehouse site in Hamburg-Billstedt with 5,000 palette bays

Leuchtturm Asia Pacific in Shanghai is founded as a permanent representative office
in Southeast Asia.


100 year Anniversary
Leuchtturm Gruppe


Kurt, Axel and Max Stürken accept the Family Business of the Year Award.


Torquato opens the brand's new flagship store, “Torquato Haus” in Hamburg, in the midst of the Corona crisis.


Acquisition of the Stilform pen brand.

Relocation of the production to Geesthacht-Düneberg.

Opening of the Buttstraße location at Hamburg Fischmarkt for the young
brands of the Leuchtturm Gruppe as well as web development and consumer marketing


New brand appearance of the Leuchtturm Gruppe